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Sleep Well Knowing This

Sometimes in the craziness of everyday, modern life we do not always come across businesses and individuals that do good for the right reasons - We can all sleep a little better this summer knowing there are good companies and good people out there! The Spilt Milk Foundation recently supported a local, Virginia-based organization that helps foster care kids, the Connect With a Wish organization. On occasion The Connect With a Wish team is fortunate to receive donated beds from the Original Mattress Factory. Foster care children are not allowed to enter their new homes unless it is a safe and healthy environment, including a bed. Spilt Milk volunteers "embedded" themselves in the mix in an effort to get Connect With a Wish and the children in need new beds.

We asked if we could purchase the beds from a company that had been good to the kids already - in the mindset of wanting to take care of those that are taking care of the community. This is where the story gets really good! It is not that the Original Mattress Factory would turn down business, but they were extremely uncomfortable with this for all of the right reasons. The local store manager said, "We are not allowed to give with the intentions of receiving credit or business. We are directed to give just to give."

Though hard to find hidden somewhere between the box spring and mattress, The Original Mattress Factory has an incredible corporate culture of giving and doing good with no strings attached. We cannot wait to learn more about them knowing we will always help children in need and always buy our beds from the Original Mattress Company!

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