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our glass is always half full

The Spilt Milk Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Designed to be a national good neighbor program, The Spilt Milk Foundation is a group of giving individuals dedicated to helping fellow Americans in need.


The organization is the neighbor you always wanted, the motivation to get through difficult times, the self confidence to carry on and the positive energy to spark new light.  The Spilt Milk Foundation is the break needed in one's life to make a bad situation better and a good situation great.


The organization does believe in crying over spilled milk, however, it takes more than tears to work through the tough times.  The Spilt Milk Foundation looks to make the best of every situation. The Spilt Milk Foundation works in single acts of good will and kindness to assist an individual, family or group through a defining moment in time.  The organization understands that bad breaks happen to good people.  We cannot afford to have these good people on the sidelines of society.  The organization does not focus on an individual's past, but on the person's future.


The Spilt Milk Foundation's gifts, efforts and labor are free of charge with no strings attached.  Anonymity is one of the organization's best known qualities.   It is the organization's goal to have its volunteer leadership team remain anonymous in each act of good will.


The Spilt Milk Foundation uses the very best in communication, creativity, leadership and management skills to reach out to all corners of every community. The Spilt Milk Foundation proves a positive attitude can absorb almost every spill of milk. The Golden Rule is a continuous theme throughout the organization's services and outreach. The Spilt Milk Foundation is the perfect balance of business management and philanthropic work. Though selective in the search for good people to assist, the organization has no social, political and racial preferences.


Spilt Milk Foundation
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