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Bad things can happen to good people ... that is where you find The Spilt Milk Foundation.

Health Issues

Financial Crisis

Tough Times


The Spilt Milk Foundation currently focuses on individuals, families and groups centered around health issues.  It is the organization’s vision to evolve into a more general good will / good neighbor program in time.


See an at-risk teenager gain the confidence, education and financial stability necessary to succeed in life through an anonymous gift of money to fund a college education.  


Picture a delivery of flowers changing the attitude of a declining hospital cancer center.


Imagine a young man living on the streets, cold, hungry and out of luck.  A warm meal, a pair of gloves and some self-confidence leads to a construction job.  This young man soon becomes leader of his construction team and one day is an asset to the organization as a person that can repair another friend of the organization’s home.


Dream the dream of the organization seeking out a young boy with cancer.  The boy is doing everything he can to help his parents meet the financial needs that are currently “the gap” of income necessary for the family to cover the expensive cancer treatment not covered by the family’s insurance.  The boy sets up shop in the front yard to sell “Christopher’s Lemonade”.  The Spilt Milk Foundation learns about the boy, researches the situation and wants to support the boy’s effort. The Spilt Milk Foundation’s unique approach to assistance does more than contribute … The Spilt Milk Foundation "buys" the lemonade stand with a large donation.  The organization turns this difficult time into a memorable experience.  An experience that is much more than the contribution. The Spilt Milk Foundation works with local media partners to create a story on the business buyout.  A newspaper that to date had no mention of Christopher’s situation or needs now has on the front page, “Christopher’s Lemonade sells for $1,000” with a tagline, “Christopher has been named president!”


It is the goal of the Spilt Milk Foundation to create an image so pure, well-respected and so true to its cause that the organization becomes a brand that is larger than any physical asset or group of assets.  A brand and image that other corporations will seek to partner within the form of sponsorship and marketing cross- promotions.

Spilt Milk Foundation
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